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The traditional sales and non-personal channels are just not getting it done. The data show that reaching healthcare providers with your product messages is more challenging than ever.  The Beacon Learning mobile app is an evidence-based learning platform proven to increase information retention among healthcare professionals. Available in the App Store and Google Play, the app’s entertaining “gamification” approach taps into clinicians’ competitive spirit and keeps them engaged and focused on your product-specific information.  A robust analytics engine generates custom reports to highlight product-specific knowledge gaps and support decision-making.  Accelerate awareness of your product and game using SPARK’s proprietary database of 500,0000 US-based clinicians.  To learn more about Beacon Learning and how we can create a custom game for your product team, please contact us today!

On July 16, 2020 Spark Healthcare released Beacon Learning.
You can read the complete press release here.

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